Chemistry of Rugenix

Chemistry GUY_DNA_RugenixAfter recording amazing results from Amino-BHD, the first predecessor to Rugenix, Dr. Silber designed an even more effective and explosive formula. (see History of Rugenix).

Specifically designed to replenish your muscles energy stores faster, this super supplement was soon being utilized by Olympic and Professional athletes worldwide, including Russia, China, Israel, Italy, Greece, Australia and the United States. While gaining enormous popularity by providing astounding achievements for athletes across the globe, Dr. Silber continued to work on improving his formula for absolute maximum performance.

Rugenix is the third generation of these wonder formulas and the first to ever be offered to the public. This supplement truly has no equivalent anywhere on the market. It fuels your muscle with instant explosive high-octane energy it needs to push out more reps, run faster, work harder, work longer, get stronger, feel more fit, and experience and overall desire to do more.


rugRugenix supports and helps replenish the fuel your body uses in very short-term energy bursts. It is helpful for maximum strength training, weight lifting, any all sports that require short, fast bursts of activity.

Muscular contractions work off the power of a molecular fuel called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). After 5 to 10 seconds, fuel starts to run low. When your muscles run out of ATP, Rugenix aids in replenishing the reserves. This could mean pushing out several more monster reps on the bench press, or spurting for another spring in your cardio circuit, or just having more energy to do more. Click here to see more.