Doctor’s Corner

Widely recognized as the World’s preeminent expert in the creation of nutritional supplements, Dr. Morris Silber has spent a lifetime helping others promote his mission to improve health, fitness and wellbeing for all. Dr. Silber, MD, PhD has spent more than 4 decades as a sports physician and scientist in sports psychology and molecular bio-chemistry. Dr. Silber has educated elite athletes for almost 40 years and now he is finally made the world’s finest nutritional supplement available to those that want to fuel their body for peak performance and recovery. Dr. Silber is a well respected member of the American Physiological Society, the American Academy of aging medicine, the United States National Academy of Sports Medicine, and the American College of Sports Medicine. Dr. Silber was a scientific advisor and biomedical consultant to the United States Olympic teams of track and field, swimming, weightlifting, powerlifting and martial arts. Doctor Silber began his quest as the lead scientific advisor and biomedical consultant to the Russian Olympic team for over a decade as well as the Italian, Greek, Turkish, Israeli and Australian Olympic teams. Dr. Silber has been a scientific consultant to pharmaceutical companies and a biomedical consultant throughout the World.