History of Rugenix

Creatine is another natural amino acid derivative in the body with superior anabolic impact on skeletal muscle metabolism and of other organs and tissues whose viability under any extreme catabolic stress conditions had acquired the most popularity in sports practice for its unique promoting effect on protein synthesis in growing muscle cells (Silber, 1998; Silber et al., 1975; lngwall et al.,1972) which actually reflects the activation of the transcribed and translated determinants for natural and safe skeletal muscle growth, strength, and power generation (Silber, 1998; Kreider et al., 1998; Odland et al., 1997; Greenhaff et al., 1993; Harris et al., 1992).

As a nutrition supplement, Creatine is currently available in the monohydrate form combined after HPLC. This form, when used in elevated doses, higher than 2 g per day, often causes adverse reaction in the digestive tract, which considerably reduces the expected benefits from its absorbance.
Lately, an extended list of amino bio-dimers trimers, and oligomers have been reported for their increased tolerance, solubility, and stability during ingestion, compared to their free amino acid constituents (Shils, 1994; Abidi, 1987). Also, amino bio-heterotrimers of Ornithine conjugated with alpha-Ketoglutarate have been shown to produce anabolic and performance enhancing effects in animal and human trials (Raul et al., 1995; Hatfield, 1994; Vaubordolle. et al., 1991)

Relying on this evidence I firstly claimed that Creatine alpha-Ketoglutarate can be produced via chemical organic synthesis and have the following molecular structure (figure 1).
Secondly, I claimed that the newly configured product of Creatine alpha-Ketoglutarate will demonstrate superior biological activity and physiological effects on skeletal muscle growth, strength, and power generation capacity, compared with its individual constituents, Creatine and alpha-Ketoglutaric acid, in elite force/velocity athletes and general fitness athletes pursuing high power training concept (figure 2).

This was the very first predecessor of Rugenix. Further improvement of the Amino-BHT formula embraced attempts for reducing the time of immediate post-work restorative super-compensation effect. Yet, it required another decade of extensive research and in field trials to complete the task of creating the unique ion-bonded RugenixTM protected first by Provisional then by full Utility Patents.